Strategic Technology Consulting

For investors, brands, distributors & retailers in the cycling industry


We look at
the deeper issues in the cycling industry‚Ķ

And help cycling investors, brands, distributors and retailers to formulate strategies supported by digital platforms to sustain exponential growth. Spokes & Valves provides a combined view for taking your product(s) to market faster, speed up your supply chain, increasing your customer satisfaction and the overall efficiency of your cycling venture.


Cycling is mobility at scale

Spokes & Valves is the result of more than 15 years experience in ICT, Process Optimization and Digitalization combined with a life-long passion for cycling and eMobility. We have a strong believe that the cycling industry today is going trough its own boom and is in need of smart and lean solutions to ensure proper scalability and sustainable growth.

Growing Cycling (ad)Venture?